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For CXOs and Decision-Makers of Companies Using Salesforce: We Help Companies Save At Least $75k on Their Salesforce Stack Without Hiring Additional Staff or Complicated Processes

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Slow turn-around times due to limited knowledge and capabilities of an individual


Recurring attrition issues of knowledge transfer and continuity and lots of money was spent on hiring

Efficency of the sales team was low due to a lag in the system vis-a-vis the change in business processes


Urban Ladder - Saved Time, Money & Increased ROI by switching over to Admin On Demand

Case Studies


“WarpDrive’s Admin-on-Demand has saved us a lot of time. It has brought down our cost. It has freed us from hiring-related stress. It has made our CRM more effective to use.”

- Lalit Chandnani, CTO Urban Ladder

Urban Ladder tried and failed at a lot of things. They tried building an in-house team to maintain and enhance their Salesforce system, engaging full-time contractors to handle their Salesforce.com and also having current team members take on the added responsibility of managing and enhancing the Salesforce.com system. But they kept facing problems that interfered with their growth.

Certain problems that stuck out were:

- Slow turn-around times
- Limited knowledge of the individual
- Recurring attrition issues of knowledge transfer and continuity
- Recurring Hiring Costs
- Drop in efficiency of the team
- Lag in the system and 

- Low adoption rates

Urban Ladder engaged with WarpDrive to find a solution for them where the core team would be able to focus more on strategic business activities and scaling the business rather than the day to day functioning of their CRM. 

We hit the ground running by implementing Admin On Demand and solved 100% of the problems areas mentioned earlier. Hear it from Lalit himself!

Slow turnarounds were a thing of the past

Leveraging WarpDrive blueprints for success saved time and earned money.

Attrition issues of knowledge transfer and continuity were gone and a sense of expectation and peace of mind was built.

Money was saved on recurring hiring costs and the efficency of the entire team improved remarkably.


CXO's Decision Makers, or Managers

This is for you if you are looking to automate and streamline your sales/service operations on Salesforce.com so you can increase your profits dramatically.


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 Here is the truth: You can save money, time and effort while enhancing customer experience using an expert, on-demand team for your Salesforce Admin work. 

However, most companies choose the old method: hire an in-house or contract based admin. These are more expensive and are also ill-equipped to scale with your business. Their knowledge is limited to an individual’s. They don’t stick around and attrition is a real, regular issue. 


WarpDrive are among the only Salesforce experts offering a flexible solution that is tailor-made to your business needs. Think of it as your in-house Salesforce COO to maintain and manage all your Salesforce ops for you.


Maulik Doshi - CEO & Founder (left)

Praveen Louis - COO & Founder (right)

Our names are Maulik and Praveen and we have more than 17 years of experience on Salesforce.com.

We’ve sold and successfully implemented Salesforce.com at some of the largest and most complex environments there are. 

We found that the surest way to solve our client’s problems was to bring an intense and laser sharp focus on the users of the systems. 


Most software is built using the data in mind but we upended that by building software that kept the users in mind. Salesforce.com is the perfect toolset for this, it allows us to be interface-first and stay on the quickest path from problem to solution. We can rapidly iterate directly with users and everything we do is any-device, any-where, any-time.


We started WarpDrive because we felt most companies in the market are not run the right way. There is a need to have a company that is customer-focused, outcome-oriented and trusting of employees. The real secret sauce of our differentiation lies in our team culture. We’d love to tell you more about it when we talk!”

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Here is how you can save $75k on Salesforce 

Let's take a look at the 4 key factors of making Salesforce work for you using WarpDrive's Admin-on-Demand

  01. Salesforce is a fantastic ecosystem, a lot more than just a CRM!  

Salesforce has been one of the world's most innovative companies for 10 years in a row. It is 100% cloud-based and has pre-integrated Sales, Service, Marketing, Analytics, AI, and everything else! It’s extremely intuitive and simple to use across many devices, from your computer to your mobile to even your smartwatch! Its AppExchange provides a breeding ground for innovation and customization of apps for specific business use cases that can optimize your business ops to the next level. On Salesforce, most customization can be done using point-and-click, drag-and-drop actions… and the stuff that can’t be configured, can be coded!


In short, Salesforce.com is a lot more than just a CRM for sales. That’s what it started out as. Now it’s become many things along the way.


Try out this short activity to determine the efficiency of your current business process.


First, take a proper hard look at the workflows/processes you follow in your business today. These could be on anything from:


  • Sales (lead-tracking, opportunity closures),

  • Service (Case management, ticket assignment),

  • Marketing (Managing personalized brand journeys),

  • HR (employee onboarding, recruitment applicant tracking),

  • Finance (accounts payable processing),

  • Infra (new equipment procurement),

  • Order/Merchandise (Order Fulfillments, Purchase Controls), etc.


Second, ask yourself the following questions or take this questionnaire to understand and get insights into your business processes.

  • Is this a manual process?

  • Is this process slow/sluggish?

  • Does this process seem vague and arbitrary to other employees?

  • Are new employees able to quickly get their heads around how to go about their work?

  • What is being done by a person here that should/could be done automatically?

  • Is your data for this process lying in multiple disparate systems? Do you have a consolidated view of the data?

  • Are you able to quickly act upon all the information you have?

  • What is the lag in the reports you consume? Why are they not real-time

Third, Repeat this question set for all your business processes (as suggested above) and you will be quite mind blown! 

 02. Leverage a wide array of unique features using Salesforce. 

Just like humans use less than 5% of the brain's power, you’re probably using less than 5% of the features that your license has bought you.

With no increase in your license cost, you can get a LOT more out of Salesforce.

A basic Salesforce license offers many powerful features that can be of great use to your business processes. An example is Automatic AI-based lead scoring or Advanced Knowledge Articles with which you can 1. Auto lookup of articles 2. Ready base of answers that can be inserted with a click 3. Embed the Articles as FAQ on a website and so on. You also get access to easily building drag-and-drop reports - just like PivotTables in MS-Excel. Features like Event/Trigger-based Subscription to reports, Dynamic Dashboards, and Conditional Formatting to highlight key data enable you to make data-driven decisions more effectively and often. 

Read this article for information and resources on key features for the following Salesforce Applications

You might be thinking, 

How do I know that I’m using the right license type?

Unfortunately, you don’t. You’re dependent on getting the right advice from people with the right experience and expertise to be able to ensure correct license fitment. We’ve seen that most users do end up buying licenses that cater to a lot more features than the client needs.

How do I enable the features that I am not using within the license that I have?

There is a tonne of features in Salesforce that are activated as per request. For eg. multi-currency, territory management, etc are enabled only when one reaches out to Salesforce and asks for this to be created. Using insights and help from a partner like WarpDrive - where we use our collective knowledge to recommend and implement the right features for you.

How could have I known about this before?

It’s usually easiest for someone to just answer enough questions to make a sale rather than going through the whole song-and-dance of a product’s capabilities. For eg. if you went to a dealership and wanted to buy a “red pick-up truck” then the salesperson isn’t going to bother you too much with explaining the engine power and cylinder alignment etc. They’ll just offer you a red-pick up truck and start talking about price. Their vested interest is in closing the deal and moving on to the next one!

 03. Increasing employee productivity and performance. 

Selling being the only activity of the organization for generating sales revenue has its impact on the effectiveness of the organization. Salesforce plays a dominant role in enhancing the sales revenue and has a direct link with the effectiveness of the organization. Most effective organizations are distinguished from less effective organizations on the basis of salesforce characteristics and salesforce performance. 

Success is a team sport. When your team has more seamless handoffs and better alignment, their results will drastically improve. Having a 360degree view of the customer enriches every interaction that any member of your team will have with the customer. This in turn will yield a delightful customer experience which is easy to manage and scale for you. While each person on your team doesn’t necessarily want the entire top-down view of things, they definitely want a clear grip on their key-hole view of the world which could often be bottom-up. With the solutions we offer to our clients, the top-down and bottom-up view sit in the same place and it’s only a matter of perspective to change how one wants to consume information.

With a well-maintained salesforce system, there is also less monitoring of salespeople by management, less managerial direction or effort to direct salespeople and use of objective measures of outcomes to evaluate and compensate the salesforce.

Additionally, Salespeople are held accountable for their results and not how they achieve the results. Invisible hand of the marketplace pressures salespeople to perform and guide their actions. In this system, a salesperson is responsible for his performance but he is free to select the method of achievement

Get started increasing employee productivity by driving internal collaboration! 

It's simple, all you have to do is: 

  1. Set Up a 360degree view around customers, vendors, partners, services or anything really!

  2. Enable and roll out dynamic dashboards

  3. Check out Chatter and start contextual collaboration right away

  4. Start using Activity Trackers and ensure high customer engagement

  5. Look at what a detailed Sales Analysis Report would look like

You might be thinking

How do I ensure and track adoption? Is there an additional cost to getting all of these?

You’re already paying for all this. It’s time to start using it now.

How soon can I start seeing a difference?

Almost immediately. Once you’re able to get a clearer picture of the different variables in the mix, you can start actioning on them right away and the increase in results is self-evident. Too many client conversations, sales opportunities lie forgotten and untended and thus die a slow, painful death.

How do I measure and track employee productivity? Where does this all end?

Never. It’s an ongoing continuously improving process.

  04. Optimize your Business Processes. 

According to information released by Gallup, the United States currently ranks 12th among developed nations in terms of business startup activity. In fact, startup activity is seeing a bit of a deficit, with approximately 470,000 businesses closing on an annual basis and only approximately 400,000 new businesses being founded to take their places.

But what is causing the death of these organizations?

In most cases, there are likely a number of factors that all play a role. However, at the heart of most problems is one simple issue: failure in business performance.; When it comes to achieving success, business performance is king. If your organization isn't performing to your or your clients' expectations, then few other victories will matter.

After all, business is like a strong river current; if you aren't actively pushing yourself forward, then you are automatically being carried downstream to failure and obscurity. 


Salesforce provides your organization with the tools it needs to stay on top of the different business challenges while improving your performance, boosting your revenue, and increasing your overall ROI in the process. Once Salesforce is implemented, the game doesn’t end there. Managing and maintaining it to grow with your business can be a challenge. 

Unmaintained Salesforce systems cause extreme stress and employee time loss. It also leads to high attrition rates and money loss. 

To summarize, all you need to do is:

  • Ensure you’re getting the best out of your existing license in relation to your business requirements

  • Make sure all your processes are built with the customers and employees in mind… making sure that their experience is the best possible.

  • Build features that automate painful and slow processes 

  • Use Salesforce to measure and increase employee and business performance

Give your company a direct saving of $75,000 in 12 months or less. While also saving a lot more money through hours of time saved and knowing that your business is doing as well as it can. The peace of mind you’ll have is worth many more $$$$ too.


Option one is to hire an inhouse admin or a part time contract admin to manage your Salesforce system.


Our bet is that you might not like this option though because:

You might not be best equipped to interview and qualify the right Salesforce admin

You might hit a glass ceiling of knowledge and be unable to scale easily without going back out there and hiring more admins.

You will spend hours of time in looking for the right admin and in familiarising them with your company and it’s needs

Your Admin will not stay current with the industry and product advancements that need regular study and upskilling

You will incur overhead costs like infrastructure cost, bonuses, wage hikes etc. 

Or you can use choose WarpDrive’s Admin-On-Demand. We’ll setup, maintain and upgrade your Salesforce system for ½ the price and in ⅓ the time.

 Again, this is for CXOs/Decision Makers/Managers looking to automate and streamline your sales/service operations on Salesforce.com and are struggling with:  

  • Hiring the right Salesforce Admin

  • Burning of time and money in the hunting and retaining the right Admin in house. 

  • The business being incorrectly mapped out on the Salesforce system. 

  • Not being able to generate useful reports from the Salesforce system. 

  • Being unable to scale easily without burning deep holes in your pocket 

  • Delays in on-boarding and off-boarding users to your system puts your data and employee experience at grave risk.

60+ clients have used us to achieve fantastic results 

Again, 60+ clients have used us to achieve fantastic results.

Verghese Cherian from CoWrks was looking to a Salesforce expert to revamp their system to be tuned into their unique business requirements within 3 months and said: 

"The ability of WarpDrive to take a problem statement and convert it into technical requirements and release it in a manner that we require is commendable" 

Screenshot 2020-01-27 at 7.16.30 PM.png


Here’s what is going to happen when you work with us:

Save up to $75k per year on Salesforce

Pay 1/2 the cost you would otherwise incur on Salesforce

Be free of Attrition related issues and feel a sense of continuity

Zero constraints of knowledge as you will be working with a team of experts vs a single individual

Shift your focus entirely on your customers, employees and business

Do not incur any overhead costs like those spent on office-space, bonuses etc.

Get your work done in 1/3rd the time

Maximise the value of your Salesforce investment with advice suggestions and best practices

Go stress free and not worry about complicated processes or the tactical work of running Salesforce system


Screenshot 2020-03-19 at 7.10.24 PM.png

Fig 1.2 shows the change in metrics when switching over to Admin On Demand.
Over time, money spent, time spent and employee attrition reduce while the ROI on Salesforce, the system usage, adoption and the effectiveness of the CRM within the organization increase with an Admin On Demand. 


Our current bandwidth only allows us to support 30 Admin On Demand clients per month, so if this rings bells, make sure you act now or we might not be able to work with you.