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Make Salesforce work for you - Harder, Better, Stronger, and Faster while saving $75k per year.

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Save the time, money and effort by using Admin-On-Demand, a service where you can leverage WarpDrive’s certified Salesforce admins at your beck & call

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For Decision Makers, Managers or CEO's

This is for you if you are looking to automate and streamline your sales/service operations on so you can increase your profits dramatically.

BUT...the CRM that you invested tons of money into is not yielding the promised results.

You might be feeling frustrated because you already spent a lot of money. Now you’re also spending too much time on making Salesforce work for you. 

You’d rather be spending your time and effort on other things that can be done only by you.

 You have tried hiring a full-time admin on the payroll, but it didn't work as it comes with its limitations like 

  • Limitation of knowledge

    A single In House Admin's knowledge is limited to the individuals. Salesforce is a constantly growing ecosystem and it's important to keep up to date with market trends to effectively use the tool

  • Lack of expertise

    An In House Admin often lacks the expertise to navigate Salesforce and it features well enough. This leads to a drop in efficiency of the team and time lost on upskilling for the Admin.

  • Unexpected overhead costs

    Hiring costs in relation to the hunting and retaining of an in house admin can burn money and time.

    This is an implicit cost you can easily have overlooked

  • The inability to scale

    Scaling your business poses a tricky challenge as you often have to go out and hire 2-3 admins which means you will have to repeat the hiring cycle and it's costs. 


Fig 1.1 shows implicit overhead costs that go in hiring an in house admin.


Having a well managed Salesforce system can work wonders!

  • Increase Productivity.

    Dedicated resources, trained to operate as an extension of your team. So you can stay Focused on Your Core Business.

  • Scale Strategically.

    Prevent glass ceilings of manpower and knowledge from coming in the way to scaling. When the time comes, save time & effort by simply purchasing more Admin hours.

  • Save LOTS of money.

    Pricing is simple. You pay for what you use. Save up to $25,000 per annum. Also avoid the overhead costs on space, infrastructure, bonuses and leaves of employees.

  • Prioritise core business activities.

    Avoid falling short during times of peak load while later worrying about idle admin time. On call

  • Lower Attrition Rates.

    With Admin on demand you can spend less time and effort on hiring, training and worrying about the future of your In-house Salesforce Admin.

  • Manage complicated tasks easily.

    Solve unexpected and complicated problems that arise from time to time as our team of admins can provide multiple fresh perspectives when required.

Fig 1.2 shows the change in metrics when switching over to Admin On Demand.
Over time, money spent, time spent and employee attrition reduce while the ROI on Salesforce, the system usage, adoption and the effectiveness of the CRM within the organization increase with an Admin On Demand. 

 You can save money, time and effort while enhancing customer experience using an expert, on-demand team for your Salesforce Admin work. 

 We are among the only Salesforce experts offering a flexible solution that is tailor-made to your business needs.  

 An indicative list of things our Admins can do for you 

  • Modify or Create Objects Page Layouts, Reposition, Remove or Add standard Components on objects page.

    Page Layouts are one of the crucial ways of making your business tools more user-friendly. 

    Salesforce provides the flexibility of repositioning/modifying page layouts to suit your business users and give them access to key information at a glance. 

  • Automate with Workflows, Process Builder, Approval Process Flows, and Salesforce Lightning Flows

    Get rid of mundane manual tasks to free up your workforce to better utilize their time.

    Automate processes like email reminders, an update of fields, discount slab based approval processes, auto-closure of service tickets, etc. Basically anything & everything that doesn’t require human intervention to get the work done.

  • Configuration of Custom/Standard Object Settings 

    Creation of Fields, Record types, Buttons, Global Actions, Validation rules and list views on a custom/standard object.

    Identify and configure the most relevant custom fields to capture key information of your customers and all of the triggers that they should trigger.

  • Modify/Create Email templates & In-App Notifications 

    In-App notifications and auto-response emails to increase customer engagement. 

Create and modify email templates that resonate with your audience.

  • Reports and Dashboards

    Create and Modify Reports and Dashboards for better visibility of your business performance. Get Reports & Dashboards created on any business metrics based on the information stored in Salesforce. 

    You can create and modify Sales Reports like Neglected Accounts, Sales Pipeline, Forecast, Sales pipeline by territory, Sales revenue by agent per month, etc.

    You can create and modify Service Reports like First Time Resolution, Escalation Rates, Customer Satisfaction, Response Time by Channel, Number of reopened cases, Cases by source, etc.

    Schedule and Subscribe to reports to automatically get updates for critical metrics. 

  • Optimizing Sales Process: Lead Flows

    Prioritize leads to improve closure rates. 


    Automate & streamline your Leads process for smooth flow of pipelines.


    Set up Leads conversion criteria for better investment of your time on more refined and filtered prospects. 

    Automate and capture leads generating from different sources (emails, website, etc.)

    And do a lot more with Leads!

  • Optimizing Sales Process: Opportunity Flows

    Work collaboratively using Opportunity Teams on a deal to close it faster to increase the win rates. 

    Design a guided path for your sales users to help them capture key details at each step to increase Opportunity closure rates.

    Enable collaborative forecasts & planning to make informed business decisions.

    An opportunity to explore more with us! 

  • Optimizing Service Process: Case Flows

    Capture Cases generated from sources like Emails and Websites.

    Configure skill-based & queue-based assignment of Cases from different channels. 

    Configure Knowledgebase to help your service rep close cases faster.

    Configure Macros to free up your service rep from performing repetitive tasks.

    Automate responses, define Case Milestones and Escalations to keep track of SLAs.  

  • Data Upload/Import/Export

    Upload/Import data from legacy systems to Salesforce system with the predefined format (.csv) shared by us.

  • Data Security

    Highest volume but lowest value tasks such as change passwords, change IP hours and IP addresses, manage logins of the users. 

  • Mobile Application Configuration

    Access different applications configured for your business from any time, anywhere

    Configure a comprehensive view of all your tasks, meeting, account details and notes

    Create, sort, review, and check off your tasks in one location

    Brand the application specifically for your business 

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