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A Guide to Measuring Salesforce Success In Your Organization

Updated: Jan 13, 2023

Time and time again, the question is asked: how do you measure success? Well, with the help of a CRM like Salesforce, we often go straight to numerical values such as consistent cash flow, low revenue loss, the length of turnaround times, and project/product and service delivery timeframes. Alongside these elements, however, are the subtle benefits and changes that Salesforce provides.

Measuring these metrics and implementing feedback from your customers will result in a far more personalized customer experience, and a targeted marketing and sales approach. Whilst you can look through the data yourself, it’s far more efficient to contact a Salesforce partner to help you out. That way, you won’t be searching through numbers and reports and scratching your head for where to go next - you’ll have insider expertise on exactly how you can better your business, using the thorough insights that Salesforce provides. Let’s dive into some of the ways Salesforce can influence your organization!

Handling a large volume of clients is no longer a cause for concern

Previously, you may have been struggling to facilitate the needs of a large customer base - including local and global clientele. This may have caused you to provide cardboard-cutout customer interactions when dealing with queries, making discovery calls, following up on POs or creating marketing strategies. Simply put: you couldn’t analyze and reach the different demographics within your client base.

With Salesforce, the power of catering to the niche of your business is empowering. As well as having the operational fortitude necessary to deal with a large number of customers, Salesforce can help you assess customer profiles to give insights into target audience and buyer personas.

Better customer service, leading to an increase in positive reviews

With a CRM that is user-friendly such as Salesforce, you’ll be able to provide faster, more accessible, and more efficient turnaround times for goods and services delivery. Additionally, modules such as Service Cloud allow you to run intelligent self-service portals and live chat functions to handle transactions or customer queries with ease. Having a service system that is prepared to resolve a wide variety of customer issues is the key to unlocking customer loyalty and client growth; Salesforce’s Service Cloud and Case Management improves customer experiences by dealing with queries punctually.

A service system that labels and orders your customer requests can be easily accessed by managers and service teams, allowing you to focus your energy where it is needed most, rather than occupying time with sorting and archiving.

Staff will be empowered by efficiency and industry-based expertise

Due to Salesforce’s wide range of industry-specific tools and solutions, your business can provide substantial improvements to all departments of your workplace, rather than a one-size-fits-all approach. With Salesforce, you can access certifications and training for your employees, to help them understand the platform inside and out, as well as to gain unique qualifications that separate their skillset from all the everyday staff-member in their industry.

Using Salesforce will influence the way your employees complete their day-to-day activities, saving time and resources and focusing energy into the areas you want to improve. For example, Salesforce Platform can be utilized to create unique applications that suit the requirements of your daily work life, as well as being compatible with the automated, intelligent workflows provided by Service Cloud.

The future of hybrid working setups is catered for by Salesforce

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the way we work for the foreseeable future, and the expectations around face-to-face office time have shifted to support productivity and practicality. In regards to managing workplaces, this has meant that more and more teams are relying on remote connections and software systems for meetings, collaborating on projects, meeting with customers, responding to queries digitally, conducting surveys and interviews, and marketing their businesses. Salesforce Platform is specifically designed to innovate teams for in-person and digital operations, with customizable systems to support IT, finance, sales, marketing, and customer service.

Data protection and secure migrations mean significantly lower credit risk and customer loss

Salesforce can influence your business by safely migrating your data from your legacy CRM, and harnessing this data to suggest practical improvements to suit the needs of your customer base. With Marketing Cloud, the insights you will access are customer-focused, allowing you to understand the needs, challenges, and purchasing behaviors of your customer base. Additionally, this information allows you to use your order management system to target creditworthy customers and protect your profit, whilst proactively dodging any financial red flags such as outstanding POs.

Risk managers have identified that there is a significant concern about data and financial compromises as their teams work digitally and across the globe - meaning that systems like Salesforce, with Data Mask and Salesforce shield, are the perfect solution for ensuring data compliance, safe migrations, and cyber threat monitoring.

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