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Urban Ladder is an omni channel furniture retailer with our offline store presence in Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune and Chennai.

Lalit Chandnani, the head of engineering at Urban Ladder leads a specialised team of engineers that makes Urban Ladder one if the leading omni channel retail company in India. Besides being in charge of development of the digital product, Lalit is also in charge of looking after the internal Salesforce system and its development.

Lalit and Urban Ladder were faced with a challenge, over the past few years, business had evolved very rapidly and the team was finding it hard to predict the next step. They were racing with time while leaving a lot of important things on the shelf.

They decided to implement Salesforce internally to map their business growth and make smarter data backed decisions. They decided to use Salesforce as their CRM.

Urban Ladder has a lean team of just 15 engineers. These included developers, Q&A and support engineers etc. Due to this, Lalit's approach was to tried to build an in-house team of Salesforce experts or hire a single Salesforce Admin In-house to manage, maintain and upgrade the system keeping it true to the business.

But this failed. The problems were:

  1. Providing a good career path and learning to the Salesforce Admins,

  2. Slow turnaround times and

  3. Recurring attrition related issues of knowledge transfer and continuity

  4. An unsteady stream of work for the employee

How can we ensure that person joining has a good career path & learning? Usually developers prefer to work in a team where they have other team mates to learn in the domain - Lalit

Urban Ladder even tried working with Salesforce partners to have a person full time on at the company office and working on their account. While this approach started out well, at a later stage got very expensive. They also realised that that were not getting one project after another and ended up building things either not required at that moment or not aligned with the business priorities. Which again proved to be very inefficient.

The entire approach of hiring people and quality checking partners proved extremely time consuming and expensive for Urban Ladder and maintaining their Salesforce system became a bane Lalits existence.


It was around this time that Lalit got in touch with us at WarpDrivea who had functioned as an implementation partner in the past for setting up the SFDC system at Urban Ladder.

Lalit quickly realised an Admin-on-Demand was exactly what he required.

After working with WarpDrive's Admin-on-Demand for a year, they saved tons of time, it drastically brought down the cost that was being incurred in this area and freed them from hiring related stress.

It has saved us time. It has brought down our cost. It has freed us from hiring-related stress. It has made our CRM more effective to use. - Lalit

What initially appealed to Lalit most about Admin-on-Demand was the limited commitment. You only pay for what you build when you build. There are no hidden charges, concerns or wastage of time and money.

Lalit recommends Admin-on-Demand to any business that is unsure on the ROI of a full timer.

Read our thesis on Admin On Demand

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