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Are you Happy with your Salesforce Partner? 5 Signs it’s a Toxic Relationship

Updated: Jan 13, 2023

It started so well. You were promised maximum ROI and quality industry-specific time. Roses delivered to your desk at work and deep, late-night conversations about customer insights. You know, the little things that make all the difference? They promised they were customizable and collaborative, a “Salesforce partner you’d be happy to introduce to your family”. And then, you started to notice things that got on your nerves a little. You pour yourself a generous glass of wine and here. You. Are. Let’s get into the 5 signs it’s time to look into a new Salesforce Partner.

Your Salesforce Partner Isn’t User-Compatible

So, your Salesforce partner says their platform works well in social settings, like when it’s finally time for customers to use it, and then wham!

You’re confronted with:

  • An overload of error messages

  • Customers emailing to tell you the system is not working properly

  • Low CSAT scores – it’s vital to double-check the numerical value of your Salesforce partner’s service experience.

You deserve a Salesforce partner that:

  • Supports your project implementation all the way – not just until the software handover is complete

  • Ensures a consistently smooth user experience

  • Eliminates system errors proactively

  • Has extensive experience with data migration processes – so all data is kept secure and seamlessly transferred if need be.

This empowers you to respond punctually and with confidence to client queries.

Your Salesforce Partner Isn’t Responsive To Your Industry Requirements

Does your Salesforce partner:

  1. Know what you need best?

  2. Research what's best for you?; OR...

  3. Have the required industry knowledge? Salesforce provides accreditations to its consultant partners to certify that they have insider knowledge of how to monitor and apply Salesforce relevantly to your business. (These vary industry-to-industry, for example: Certified Salesforce Service Cloud Consultant or Certified Salesforce Advanced Administrator)

If not, you might have a bit of an industry-compatibility issue. The specifics of your industry should be taken into consideration when it comes to:

  • Pricing, and the software that your partner recommends for your business.

  • Communication and dialogue – your Salesforce partner should tell you what’s possible, and what isn’t so that your industry requirements are respected and catered for

  • Consider cross-referencing Salesforce partners on the Appexchange – doing your own research can be the best way to ensure that you’re getting the best return on your investment, and not spending money in unrelated areas

Our pre-sales process is detail-driven:

  • Getting to know our clients, specifically their products, services, and customers – is why your business will constantly be ahead of the industry trends

Your Salesforce Partner Keeps Recommending Obscure Add-ons, and You’re Left With the Bill

It’s not fun to be stood up. Frankly, it’s disrespectful.

  • Has your Salesforce partner changed up their pricing without giving you any notice?

  • Are they making costly recommendations for your Salesforce software that don’t generate results?

  • Worst of all, not even tell you what their service will cost in the first place

Put yourself first and choose a partner who:

  • Saves you time and conserves your energy

  • Respects your finances and your schedule

  • Is proactive and transparent with monthly updates on pricing and progress

  • Provides timesheets and invoices that mirror each other so you can depend on knowing what stage of the Salesforce implementation journey you’re on

  • Provides Predictability; It will give you peace of mind knowing you’re getting effective support that is selected to suit the individual requirements of your business

Your Salesforce Partner Isn’t The Same (Team players) Anymore

It seems like every time you schedule a meeting with your Salesforce partner, a new team member is hosting you. This isn’t so great if you’re looking for a long-term relationship – you just want some consistency, the good old days of chatting to a familiar face every week. And it makes sense – you don’t have to:

  • Go over the same insights and goals every time

  • Introduce new products, or tell that one-holiday story as an icebreaker because it got a good reception at your work Christmas party once

Another red flag in dealing with a Salesforce partner whose organization is a revolving door of employees – is the workplace culture:

  • Positive and consistent?

  • What kinds of interactions have you had with different departments within that organization? Were they positive or negative?

This could be impacting the efficiency and care channeled into your businesses’ outreach.

You deserve to be greeted by a consistent and passionate team that:

  • Dedicate time to learning what makes your business unique

  • Amplify the things that work, and change the things that don’t

  • And if your goals change? They need to be ready for any updates you need to make

Your ROI is Falling: The Dreaded ‘It’s Definitely You, Not Me’

If your Return on Investment numbers are falling in front of your very eyes, and your Salesforce partner can only shrug their shoulders in response, this is a sign to reevaluate your relationship.

You are paying for:

  • The license and the partner services, so you should be getting your money’s worth when it comes to the end product

  • Industry experience – if your Salesforce partner hasn’t completed many successful projects with proven results, how can you be sure that they will be able to deliver for you? Check out their customer success stories, or ask about case studies

  • Continued Salesforce Support – Beyond just getting your ROI numbers up, a reliable Salesforce partner will continue to help grow and pivot your Salesforce process to the changing needs of your business

A reliable Salesforce partner should consider taking ownership of the delivery process to be an integral part of the customer experience.

Lost that spark with your Salesforce Partner?

Tired of Salesforce partners that promise the package deal, but don’t deliver? What really matters is providing you with industry-specific Salesforce software to get your business earning more and retaining a loyal customer base. It’s this commitment to quality ROI results and transparent communication that makes for a successful long-term relationship.

Don’t fall for a Salesforce partner who doesn’t deserve your investment and only puts in half the effort. Salesforce often refers prospective customers to us, so our methods and experience have the Salesforce tick of approval. Drop us an email, or reach out via phone to discuss how WarpDrive Tech Works can grow your revenue and clientele.

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