Choosing the right Salesforce Admin for your business

Switching to a new system to run your business involves changing your employees’ flow, behavior, and expectations. That’s why to make your Salesforce implementation successful, and keep your system up to date with your business, there is so much additional effort required on a regular interval. We understand that taking it all up on yourself could be overwhelming while you also focus on making your business profitable. Thus, having a great Admin force can help you sail the ship with ease.

We cannot put more emphasis on the importance of having a Salesforce Admin, but more important than that is to have the right fit.

The right Salesforce Administrator isn’t an easy find and depends on various factors, like number of Salesforce licenses, the complexity of your business processes, your presence across geographies, the anticipation of Admin related workload in your org., etc. These factors are crucial to help you identify how many Admins are sufficient to maintain your system. Along with that, you can consider one of the following three approaches to help you fill this position:

Hire a full-time Certified Salesforce Admin.

The full-time admin can be a person who’s completely available in your office premises to optimize your Salesforce system. He/she can sit along with your business users to understand their adoption challenges and motivate them to adopt changes. However, hiring isn’t an easy job and comes with cons that most of the time outweigh the pros. The first challenge – and it’s a big one – is finding an administrator who has the strong skill set and strategic ability to manage a Salesforce system. The common misconception is that administering Salesforce is simple, but in reality, it is quite complex. Hiring an employee to administer your program also comes with challenges like paying health care costs, allowing vacation time, creating schedules, and handling day-to-day management issues. You are also responsible for keeping them trained and updated with Salesforce’s releases, which can be very costly. On top of that, you have to provide them with a computer, workspace, and other physical needs.

Promote someone within your organization to take on the role.

Having someone within your organization to take on this role isn’t really a great idea. Making everyone in charge of your CRM means that nobody is really in charge. Democratizing Salesforce will surely end up with a duplicate, outdated data, and unused fields and reports. You need an expert who should be accountable for both the adoption and maintenance of the platform. No, don’t even think of putting your best Salesperson into this shoe. Sure, he’s organized and very successful, but that may be exactly the reason why your top sales rep isn’t the right person for this job. It’s also more time-consuming to rely on an employee than an outside vendor. It might seem like it’s going to be quicker to consult with an in-house employee on any Salesforce-related issues, but they’re not always fully equipped and on-hand at a moment’s notice. In the absence of your in-house Admin, your crucial updates might go on a halt. There’s not much you can do but wait. However, if you’re using a Salesforce Admin on Demand, they have dozens of people standing by to help.

Outsourcing Admin tasks to a Salesforce Certified Partner

Now let’s consider the third option - outsourcing your Salesforce administration. When you approach a Salesforce trusted partner, the quality and qualification of an Admin is not really an issue. These companies have rigorous interview processes to scan the employees of the desired skills and later put them through extensive training to match with Salesforce’s pace of continuous updates. If you’re still skeptical about your shortlisted Salesforce partner, ask for testimonials from satisfied customers and request case studies that help you understand how they serve their clients. This should prove credibility on the claims they make. Outsourcing a Salesforce Administration tasks to a trusted partner can save you a lot of money.

Instead of paying around $90,000 a year to retain an employee, you can put a fraction of that toward partnering with an outside company. Not only an outsourced Admin support can be available on demand, but it can also offer power of collective thinking. Together, they can share ideas, discuss your issue, and develop the best solution possible based on a wealth of knowledge. For many companies, therefore, the more preferable approach is to outsource Salesforce administration. It’s faster, more thorough, more reliable, and much more financially feasible.

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