Cowrks, building the next generation of co-working spaces.

Cowrks is a network of co-working spaces where a curated community of likeminded individuals come together to work, connect, collaborate, inspire and get inspired. It offers incredible workspace designs, infectious energy and an ingenious network for professionals to tap into.


Some of the challenges face by cowrks were:

1. Lead Management:

This included the sourcing, qualification and conversion of leads generated

2. Workspace Inventory Management:

3. Better visibility on Sales Performance:

4. Management of Contracts:

That is the Renewals and Amendments of contracts.


After reviewing the existing implementation, we analysed the gap in solution and proposed leveraging various Sales cloud features.

Some of the solutions of the implementation included:

Improving lead management with better assignment rules, qualification criteria and conversion rules. Getting visibility on the 360° Customer view for better management of customers, Automation in renewal of contracts reducing employee time spent. A series of dynamic reports and dashboards to keep the track of sales performance in real time.

Key Results:

1. Improvement in conversion rates 2. Improved control, visibility and Inventory

3. Faster renewal and Amendments of contracts

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