Scope Of Robotic Process Automation

In this article we will discuss about the scope of RPA. Where we can implement this technology and in which areas it will help me to reduce the human effort and increase my ROI.

It’s not like that we can implement this technology only IT industry world. It’s possible to explore RPA in other areas too like Automobile industry, Chemical Industry, Textile industries and many other.

Majorly, Robotics process automation excel it capabilities in banking and finance domain for the purpose of invoice processing, making validation, during the calculations or while doing payments via third party applications like SAP, Mainframe, database etc...

Let’s consider the use cases on Banking industry: -

The process is as getting the invoice copy of account opening form daily in a back office of a bank. Associated related to this process must follow the same structured procedure to open the account of the customer with the help of the application like Mainframe. So, associate will fill the entire form details in the application, do all the validations and post the all the analysis will open the account or in case of any exception or missing fields will move that case on hold.

Now, let’s consider the robot performing the same task. Robot will extract all the contents from the invoice copy, validate all the inputs whether those are correct are not as per the bank standards. If there will be any missing part, then bot will send that case under the exception flow or else move ahead with the account opening process by logging into the application and follow the same procedure as a human can do.

Let’s consider the use case for Insurance industry: -

Consider a use case where customer raise an insurance claim request and company must check whether that claim is valid or invalid and according to that make a payment against that. For a back-office people, it’s not easy to validate each condition and make calculation according to that and proceed further for the payment. There are very high changes of making human error or wrong validation.

RPA comes into a picture here where it can extract the contents from the invoice form and all the valid and invalid conditions can be embedded in the bot so that it can validate the invoice against all the conditions and move ahead with the correct flow.

Let’s consider the use case in a manufacturing industry: -

Every manufacturing company have their own logistics department to track the transportation of their materials. Its required to check for the materials need to be supplied, quantity of material required and track how they are moving from one plant to another. These tasks are not easy and its too hectic while doing manually.

RPA comes into a picture in these cases also which will help to track all the materials automatically and gives you report for every movement, with that anyone can easily track activities in logistics department easily.

Here below are some steps which a robot can do very easily:

1. Login to any application

2. Moves files and folder.

3. Read and Write database

4. Scrap data from Web

5. Connect to system API’s

6. Extract contents from documents, PDF’s, emails and forms

7. Open emails and attachments.

8. Make calculations.

So, what the benefits we will get by performing the above task with the help of robot and not by human beings. The first thing is the human error. During the peak time in a hurry a human can do typo error, but a robot cannot. Second thing a human being can able to work for a limited hour of time, but a robot can 24*7*365 with any interruption.

So here its crystal clear that scope of RPA is not limited. It’s just about to think and its ready to make your life easy.

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