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Allow your team to quickly complete mundane and repetitive tasks by handing them over to software robots.

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UiPath is a global leader in Robotic Process Automation for business growth. UiPath was named a Leader in 2019 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Robotic Process Automation Software.

Top areas of automation across your business

  • Finance

  • Supply Chain

  • IT

  • HR

  • Customer Service

Some Benefits of RPA's for your business

  • Better Accuracy

    Software robots are programmed to follow rules. They never get tired and never make mistakes. They are compliant and consistent.

  • Reduced Costs

    RPA can reduce processing costs by up to 80%. In less than 12 months, enterprises already have a positive return on investment.

  • Increased Security

    Once instructed, RPA robots execute reliably, reducing risk. Everything they do is monitored. 

  • Improved Quality

    Accuracy was increased from 96.6% to 98.4% post automation. All validations which were being performed manually were now being executed with the help of a bot.

  • Super Scalable

    Increase compliance and auditability. Increase consistency with standardised processes.

  • Improved Compliance

    Once instructed, RPA robots execute reliably, reducing risk. Everything they do is monitored. You have the full control to operate in accordance with existing regulations and standards

UiPath is a tool that efficiently automates manual, repetitive business operations with the help of software robots to reduce human intervention. Some of the benefits of UiPath are:

  • High Speed & Productivity

  • Smooth & Seamless Integration

  • Improved accuracy & scalability

  • Improved Accuracy & Scalability

  • Better Coverage & Compliance

  • Cost Effective

  • Seamless Integration With Applications

  • Easily Adaptable To New Technologies

  • No Code or Less Code Process Design

Our Methodology

Our offer tailored for your business requirements.

  • // 01

    Free Demo

    Get to know about Robotic Process Automation, and it's groundbreaking capabilities while seeing how it can directly impact your business processes.

  • // 02

    Process Assessment

    Our RPA experts will conduct an oblique visibility assessment on your existing business processes while an agreement on investment and return on investment would be presented. 

  • // 03

    Requirement Gathering

    We come to your office and conduct a detailed analysis to gather insights and better understand the core requirements of the business in order to provide a valuable, working solution.

  • // 04

    Proof Of Concept

    A prototype of the bot will be created and tested outside the live environment to make sure everything is functioning smoothly.

  • // 05

    Solution Designing

    Based on the requirements gathered, our solution architect will build out a plan and process for execution 

  • // 06

    Development Kickoff

    Once the proof of concept is built and tested in a dummy environment, the development of the actual project will begin once the POC is signed-off.

    Our developers can work from your office or remotely as per your preference. 

  • // 07

    User Acceptance Testing

    Before implementing the bot, user acceptance testing (UAT) will be conducted on samples of user data. A failsafe to make sure everything is functioning correctly. 

  • // 08


    After successful UAT testing, the bot is ready to live. 

  • // 09 - Support option 1

    Post Go-Live Support

    A technical support specialist will be assigned from our side who will provide support in terms of execution, maintenance and service of bots.

  • // 10 - Support option 2

    15 Day Training

    If you opt-out of support, we will provide free-of-cost training to your technical specialist which will equip him to handle the execution of the functions of the bot.

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