Your current licence already has a lot more features than you realize or use!

A basic Salesforce license offers many powerful features that can be of great use to your business processes. An example is Automatic AI-based lead scoring or Advanced Knowledge Articles with which you can 1. Auto lookup of articles 2. Ready base of answers that can be inserted with a click 3. Embed the Articles as FAQ on a website and so on. You also get access to easily building drag-and-drop reports - just like Pivot Tables in MS-Excel. Features like Event/Trigger-based Subscription to reports, Dynamic Dashboards, and Conditional Formatting to highlight key data enable you to make data-driven decisions more effectively and often.


Just like humans use less than 5% of the brain's power, you’re probably using less than 5% of the features that your license has bought you. With no increase in your license cost you can get a LOT more out of Salesforce.


Look up the following links and literature to understand the full scope of Salesforce: (Check out the appendix to see…)


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 You might be thinking, 

  1. How do I know that I’m using the right license type?

Unfortunately, you don’t. You’re dependent on getting the right advice from people with the right experience and expertise to be able to ensure correct license fitment. We’ve seen that most users do end up buying licenses that cater to a lot more features than the client needs.

   2. How do I enable the features that I am not using within the license that I have?

There is a tonne of features in Salesforce that are activated as per request. For example, multi-currency, territory management, etc are enabled only when one reaches out to Salesforce and asks for this to be created. Using insights and help from a partner like WarpDrive - where we use our collective knowledge to recommend and implement the right features for you.

   3. Why was I not told about this before? (how could have I known about this before)

It’s usually easiest for someone to just answer enough questions to make a sale rather than going through the whole song-and-dance of a product’s capabilities. It usually happens that during the conversation you are told what you need to know without getting all the information. For example, if you went to a dealership and wanted to buy a “red pick-up truck” then the salesperson isn’t going to bother you too much with explaining the engine power and cylinder alignment etc. They’ll just offer you a red-pick up truck and start talking about price. Their vested interest is in closing the deal and moving on to the next one!