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Keeping your team together when everyone’s working apart: A simple guide to remote staffing

We're all figuring out how to work with our team when we're not in the same place. It can feel like your team is everywhere, and you're trying to work as if you're sitting right next to each other. It sounds hard, but I’ve got some easy tips to help you.

Talking when you’re far apart

First, let's talk about chatting with each other. When your team's not together, you miss those little talks by the water cooler or quick catch-ups at someone's desk.

What to Do

Use apps like Slack or Zoom. They're like your online office. Have quick chats every day or a coffee break on video once a week to keep everyone connected.

Dealing with time zones

When your team is in different time zones, it's like trying to have dinner when everyone eats at different times.

Tools are your friend

Use tools that show you different time zones. Being flexible is important – some people might like working early or late.

Keeping company info safe

When everyone's working from different places, keeping your company's information safe can be tough.


Use secure internet connections (VPNs). Keep reminding your team about keeping things private – it's always good to talk about safety.

Staying like a team

Miss those office parties or getting coffee together? Working from home can make you feel a bit alone.

Cheer up

Have online parties or say good things about each other online. It's about making everyone feel like they're still part of the team, even if it's just on a computer.

Are they working or not?

Sometimes you might wonder if your team is really working or just having fun online.

Try this

Set clear goals and trust your team. You chose them for a reason. Look at the work they do, not just if they’re online.

Feeling lonely at home

Lastly, working alone can be lonely. It's important to see how everyone's doing, not just with work, but with everything.

Help out

Tell people to take breaks and share tips on staying happy. Sometimes, just asking “Are you okay?” can really help.

So that’s it – remote staffing made simple. It’s about staying in touch, being okay with changes, keeping things safe, and having fun. It's not always easy, but we can all help each other and make it better. Let's do our best and have some laughs too!

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