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The Top 10 Challenges CRM Users Face

Understanding what's stopping you from enjoying the best CRM experience and maximizing ROI, is not always the easiest to pinpoint. Not only can you refine your services to ensure they solve your customers' needs, but you can also attract more prospective clients by being on top of the challenges they're facing before the question is even asked. In this blog, we break down 10 key CRM challenges that can be used to help you prepare effective problem-solving strategies.

  1. Data migration: One of the biggest challenges CRM customers face is migrating data from their legacy systems to more robust solutions. This can be a time-consuming and difficult task, especially if the data is stored in multiple systems or in different formats.

  2. Customization: Salesforce is a highly customizable platform, but this can also be a challenge for customers who may not have the technical expertise to make the necessary customizations. Optimizing a software budget is a key goal for most businesses going into 2023, especially considering the recession conditions across economies. Salesforce customers will be looking for partners who are able to advise them on what are necessary customizations and help them remove functions that are not assisting them to meet KPIs.

  3. Integration: Salesforce can be integrated with other systems and applications, but this can also be a challenge for customers trying to navigate this on their own. It's difficult to complete efficiently if they don't have the resources or insights into combining platforms. Going it alone might result in system overloads and interrupted business flow. Salesforce partners can simplify integration systems and help Salesforce customers achieve better operations and customer service experiences.

  4. Training: Salesforce is a powerful tool, but it can be difficult for users to learn and understand all of its features and functionality - particularly if the client is transitioning their team from working on a legacy to a Salesforce system. Clients are looking for partners who can assist in getting their team across new systems without losing out on business flow.

  5. User adoption: Your clients and their customers are the people who will be benefitting from Salesforce with each interaction throughout the business lifecycle. As a result, user adoption can be a challenge because some businesses need additional support beyond handover to ensure their customers are able to use the system easily. Ensure you continue to work with the users post-implementation to constantly improve their Salesforce results.

  6. Security: Salesforce is a cloud-based platform, that can raise concerns about data security. This can be a challenge for customers who may not be familiar enough with data safety best practices to properly secure their information in the cloud. Partners need to offer reliable migration and information storage systems that ensure none of your client's data is compromised or lost.

  7. Reporting and analytics: Salesforce provides a lot of in-depth data across its various functions, but it can be difficult for customers to know how to apply the data. Another challenge for customers who are transitioning from a legacy system or integrating Salesforce with multiple platforms can be a lack of adequate resources and time to properly report on data. Knowing where to make improvements using analytics will help customers to drive better ROI and improve customer satisfaction.

  8. Support: Salesforce can help customers resolve a lot of business challenges, but it can be complex to navigate on their own if any modifications need to be made. Not having access to a dedicated support team who can provide quick and effective answers to customer queries can slow down business and stop customers from meeting their KPIs. Salesforce partners are able to provide expertise and cost-efficient support for clients in addition to helping with initial Salesforce installations.

  9. Scalability: Salesforce is able to pivot to suit business growth, but it can be time-consuming and costly for clients who are attempting to scale-up independently. Additionally, it's also difficult for some businesses to maintain the same level of customer service and attention-to-detail when transitioning to a larger outreach. Having access to a Salesforce partner that is able to implement these changes automatically and connect with clients to ensure satisfaction is an important solution for growing businesses.

  10. Cost: Salesforce customers can struggle to optimize their Salesforce budget, especially if they are unsure of what functions they need and the ones that aren't contributing to their business success. Additionally, financial stability may fluctuate throughout the relationship, so customers are looking for partners who are able to support them in advising how they should spend no matter the economic conditions in their industry.

We're your type on paper. If you're a Salesforce customer looking for a partner who is dedicated to boosting your ROI and getting the most out of your software budget, look no further. At WarpDrive Tech Works, we are a dynamic team whose passion is problem-solving and working closely with our clients to achieve success that lasts beyond simply implementing your best-ever Salesforce system. If you're ready to get to know more about the services we can offer your business, book a chat with our team today!

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