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Your Guide to Salesforce World Tour Essentials India, 2023

WarpDrive Tech Works is delighted to be sponsoring the Salesforce World Tour Essentials Mumbai event, and as such we thought we'd put together some insights and a guide to what to expect for the event. We'll be covering the agenda and pointers for how to prepare if this is your first time attending a Salesforce World Tour. The event itself is taking place on the 27th of June, 2023 at the Jio World Convention Centre, Mumbai. You can register your interest for the event here, and we hope to see you around the convention centre where we can chat about everything Salesforce! Most excitingly, being held in India, the convention provides a fantastic opportunity for Indian industry professionals to share their stories, contributions and skill sets with their peers in the business and Salesforce community.

Salesforce World Tour Essentials, India will give you the chance to explore how the Customer 360 suite can transform your business by optimizing your software budget, helping staff connect with customers in a meaningful way and driving higher ROI. This World Tour Event will show you how to get the most out of your Salesforce experience, including how to tie in various other applications that are compatible with your suite of products. You’ll learn about applications like Slack, Mulesoft and Tableau analytics and how these can best complement your business needs. Excitingly, there will be insights into automation and AI features across the Salesforce suite to look ahead to what is coming up next.

What Will You Achieve at 'Salesforce World Tour Essentials India' 2023?

All Salesforce World Tour events provide the opportunity to network with industry professionals and build your portfolio with Trailblazer connections. Salesforce also prioritises educational and professional opportunities for attendees, such as insights and question sessions for the entire Customer 360 suite. There's going to be a wide array of presenters who will share their unique business and Salesforce stories, to inspire and educate attendees with learning opportunities exclusively available at World Tour events. There's also the opportunity for applied learning situations where you can problem-solve in person and really get first-hand experience that will distinguish you from industry competitors.

Allowing you to build your knowledge of the Salesforce products and services, attendees will leave the conference with a better understanding of what suits their business. Applying the information you’ve shared and learned at Salesforce World Tour to your organization will optimize your relationship-building across your teams and help you to invest in software smarter. Speaking to like-minded industry professionals who share similar concerns and ambitions can not only build collaborative relationships within your network but provide you with new ideas to improve your business.

What about AI?

Given the recent uptick in AI technology options - especially compatibility with Salesforce's own suite of products - the event is going to give attendees the unique opportunity to learn in-depth about the relationship between AI, Salesforce as a CRM and analytics/reporting. World Tour Essentials Mumbai will present guests the professional development activities surrounding AI advancements including breakout rooms, Keynote speakers, demonstrations and story-sharing by dynamic Trailblazers.

What's the schedule for the day and what do I bring with me?

(Please note that all times listed are in IST) It's a great idea to consider how you best note down information, whether that be in the notes app on your phone or with a small notepad that you can put in your pocket. Either way, it's a great idea to jot down any information or points that you find inspiring and that could be influential for you to share with your team. Other than that, you'll find that a lot of the required implements are provided for you as you travel through the day's activities. Enjoy!

12:00-1:00 pm: Lunch, registration and networking timeslot - arrive to the event and grab a bite to eat whilst you chat to industry professionals. This is an opportunity to share insights, stories and challenges with your peers. Chatting to industry leaders who operate in the same industry as you do will build your professional and social network. The casual atmosphere can prompt that step out of your comfort zone to get you networking with new people.

1:00–2:10 pm: Keynote speaker - Arundhati Bhattacharya, Chairperson & CEO, Salesforce India takes to the stage to provide listeners with Customer 360 and Salesforce suite demonstrations and expert insights into Salesforce advancements and updates. You'll also be treated to the origins of Indian industry professionals' and their inspirational Trailblazer stories. This is a great time to bring along any note-taking resources you’d like to use, and jot down whatever tips and tricks stick with you. Sharing origin stories is a great way to familiarize yourself with the Trailblazer profile, and give some pointers on what skillsets you can add to upgrade your professional portfolio.

2:30–5:30 pm: Sessions and demos - As mentioned previously, this period of time enables you to apply the skills you've been nurturing throughout the convention so far. Enjoy a range of activities such as live demonstrations, story-sharing and problem-solving opportunities. This session will also further unpack Customer 360 and a range of compatible applications using practical scenarios. This will aim to mirror the kinds of real-life situations that could be assuaged or solved with the help of Salesforce products.

5:30 pm-onwards: Networking reception - Connect with industry professionals and continue building strong relationships, getting to know one another and sharing ideas to conclude a busy day. After a day spent absorbing lots of information about technology and digital innovation, this last session will allow you to talk openly and a bit more personal. After software workshopping and tutorials, this is the perfect time to reconnect to the human side of running a business.

We are so thrilled to be part of this fantastic professional, networking and business development opportunity. Connecting with like-minded individuals, helping them grow their businesses and even just getting to know one another more are important components of what we do here at WarpDrive Tech Works. Make sure to absorb as much of the conference as possible - while it can be a challenge to put yourself out there and network with people you've never met or spoken to before (maybe even only online), just know that you're here because you deserve to be here.

We know how hard you work, so come and connect with others who have the same experiences, challenges and values. Share your stories, give and get advice, and above all - be open to the learning experiences that might transform how you use Salesforce going forward. We can't wait to see you there!

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