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From Healthcare to Retail: How Your Industry Can Benefit from Salesforce

Updated: Apr 3, 2023

Successful CRM partners need to have the versatility to cater to all your industry-specific needs and wants. We’ve put together a list of all the green flags in Salesforce which will ensure that you aren’t ghosted by your CRM system. With these Salesforce industry-focused tips, you can revolutionize your business with more meaningful and efficient customer relationships.

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Healthcare & Lifesciences

Salesforce for the Medical and Science Industries is all about harnessing technology to grow a supportive community of carers and patients who have each other’s back – literally!

Our Green Flags for Salesforce (Healthcare & Lifesciences)

  • An example of Salesforce's success in Healthcare & Lifesciences: Zimmer has been using Salesforce to overcome the challenge of connecting seamlessly with patients and care providers. Specializing in technology for treating musculoskeletal conditions and traumatic injuries, Zimmer uses Salesforce to deliver the highest-quality, personalized medical equipment – based on patient and healthcare-provider feedback

  • Being able to sort through and organize patient records, as well as inviting healthcare professionals to collaborate across different platforms such as Health Cloud – meaning nothing gets lost and data transfers are a thing of the past!

  • With the help of Integration Cloud, we can help you connect Salesforce Health Cloud with various software to create a combined, high-quality service for your patients which is tailored to fit their every need

  • Scientists Rejoice! We are prepared to get down and nerdy – with handy tech such as Einstein Analytics, you can collaborate on tasks and map out your analytics with ease

  • Optimized for Disability Support & Aged Care, Salesforce can help you to provide unique and innovative healthcare for your patients, with options such as Telehealth and other accessibility functions where needed


Salesforce is the dream partner for Communications. Creating meaningful and efficient customer service experiences will transform the way your employees and your customers interact, and nurture an enduring loyalty to your brand.

Our Green Flags for Salesforce (Communications)

  • An example of Salesforce's success in Communications: T-Mobile US has transformed the wireless network industry by placing their customers – and their individual needs – at the heart of their service. Using Customer 360, T-Mobile was able to experience significant growth by combining customer interaction, analytics, employee engagement, marketing, and sales techniques into one professional service – with clear goals in mind. According to Salesforce, “​​T-Mobile’s 5G network is the largest, fastest, and most-awarded 5G network in the country,” as a result of these changes

  • Products such as Customer360 provide a people-first approach to all avenues of customer communication; tailor your customer service based on the data collated and the feedback you’re sourcing

  • Salesforce allows you to track the Customer’s Journey smoothly and with ease, inviting collaborators across different departments within your organization

  • Service Cloud allows you to upload and map data from call centers, help desks and online channels like social media so that you can refine your customer service to a crisp consistency

  • Mulesoft Integration will provide detailed monthly reports on your growth strategy and puts your payment-processing time into Warpspeed


Distinguish yourself from your competitors by using Salesforce to leave a unique and memorable impression on your customers. With automated tasks and masterclass customer service techniques, you will develop an evolving, lead-generating community of passionate and niche customers!

Our Green Flags for Salesforce (Retail)

  • An example of Salesforce's success in Retail: Adidas is forward-thinking, innovative, and adapting their customer-satisfaction strategy to the new generation. With Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, and Commerce support, Adidas has been able to individualize its product and appeal to a diverse global audience – empowering people of all genders, abilities, and cultures to get active. According to Adidas “​​Those data points (collected from Salesforce) then enable us to adapt what we present, when we present it, and how we present it to ensure that we deliver as close to what that customer is looking for as we can.”

  • Customer 360: Centered around the customer’s journey: allows you to track, map, and implement each stage, establishing informed communication and marketing choices. Old-school practices like cold-calling? See you later!

  • Allows for collaboration with customers, using applications like Community Cloud, so that you can sync and review feedback with ease

  • Additionally, WarpDrive Tech can provide support with detailed analytics so that you close more deals and develop a brand strategy that reflects your niche to perfection

  • Service Cloud will help you refine your customer service voice and have your admin team feeling confident and equipped to respond to any query or question

  • Automated functions: implementing customizable live chat, chatbots and automated emailing will create impressive efficiency in your processing phase, without compromising on a personalized shopping experience

Financial Services

Salesforce for finance places the customer at the heart of every interaction, organically driving pipeline increases and sorting qualified leads from non-qualified leads. Making friends with your finance CRM is easy with Salesforce!

Our Green Flags for Salesforce (Finance & Economics)

  • An example of Salesforce's success in Financial Services: Paypal has used Salesforce to help consolidate a global network of “392 million business and consumer account holders” and provide customizable service, as well as a thoroughly-researched and grounded approach to their advertising campaigns. Salesforce also provides a step-by-step guide on how you can apply the same growth formula to your business, no matter what the scale!

  • Financial Service Cloud has you covered for all your collaborative, insight, and client interaction needs. Its customizable features allow you to see valuable financial data, manage assets and chat with clients, all on one platform

  • Caters for all areas of financial services: from banking, mortgages, loans, insurance, investment, and asset management

  • Compatible with Slack for all client management and discourse requirements

  • Insurance providers are able to cultivate an innovative and fresh insurance experience, which doesn’t lose sight of your client’s personalized needs

  • With Pardot, Warpdrive Tech is able to help you combine cutting-edge technology with proven sales and marketing skills to elevate your financial game to a whole new level


Salesforce is equipped with innovative applications to help you support your community, whether that be in education, healthcare, public transportation, climate action, human services, or defense.

Our Green Flags for Salesforce (Government)

  • An example of Salesforce's success in Government: The NTIA uses Salesforce (Salesforce Government Cloud Plus & Public Sector Solutions) to support US families and individuals with accessing technology to improve education, healthcare, communications, and safety. Salesforce allows the Government to conduct nationwide surveys on technology performance and access and then supply grants to those that need support!

  • Security is guaranteed – Salesforce understands the importance of protecting the privacy and with Customer 360, public sector solutions are always stored safely.

  • Promote campaigns and initiatives with Marketing Cloud; show your community you care by designing and researching projects based on data that matters to every individual and their personalized needs

  • COVID-19 Pandemic tested; Salesforce promotes their adaptability to digital and problem-solving requirements in a changing world – be versatile with WarpTech Drive’s Integration Cloud guide, and bring all your technology platforms together.

Our partnership with UiPath means we’re able to help you automate your analytics and statistics, making sure that the needs of your community are met. Meanwhile, your hardworking staff will have the flexibility to devote time to the things that matter most.

Transportation & Hospitality

Successful hospitality and transportation companies are all about the experience. Think about the best holidays or night-outs you’ve had – customer service and quality of the experience are often the memorable contributors to a once-in-a-lifetime hospitality or transport journey. With Salesforce, you’re able to customize your care to provide customers with attentive and personalized service.

Our Green Flags for Salesforce (Hospitality)

  • An example of Salesforce's success in Hospitality: Ticketmaster hosts the biggest events, all across the globe, and they’ve had to rise to the challenge of catering to an influx of customers on a massive digital scale. With Salesforce, Ticketmaster is fully equipped to communicate with millions of customers worldwide and has renovated its technology system to accommodate customer requests and queries as soon as they arise. Customer interaction is another area of Ticketmaster’s service that received a full upgrade with the help of Service Cloud and Customer 360

  • Customer 360 is all you need to fully transform and adapt your hospitality experience to the wants and needs of your customers; collect and implement valuable customer insights to cultivate a seamless process wherein every need is attended to – before it’s even asked about!

  • Community Cloud will help you combine all the products and offers you’re promoting so that customers can simply pick up what appeals to them, without feeling overwhelmed by choice or pushy product-placement

  • With Marketing Cloud, we can support you to develop a unique brand impression that will draw the niche crowd that you’re looking for, and grow a fantastic community of happy customers

With Pardot automation, we’re able to empower your sales technique and show you how to grow your hospitality business organically; think of tailored automated responses for bookings, customer queries, and orders.


In one of the most constantly-evolving industries in the professional world, Salesforce is able to help you distinguish your work from the cycle of mainstream content. Get your work out there and become the change in the media industry, whether you’re an independent content creator or a company looking to broadcast to a global audience.

Our Green Flags for Salesforce (Media)

  • An example of Salesforce success in Media: NBCUniversal streams sports to millions of fans across the US. With the approach of the 2028 LA Olympic and Paralympic games, the task of inviting fans behind the scenes to cheer on their heroes and learn more about their individual professions is made easy with Salesforce’s Customer 360; an array of innovative digital functions, that allow NBCUniversal to advertise, communicate and produce content that is both relevant and personalized to their customer base

  • We’re experts on taking your media platforms from legacy to lightning, allowing you to harness the latest technologies and innovative marketing techniques and boost your media into the spotlight on all platforms

  • With Einstein Analytics, we’re able to track and leverage your social media and digital stats to bring your content the attention it deserves; implementing SEO optimization and accessibility is our time to shine!

  • Supportive of independent movers and shakers in the media scene; with Community Cloud, you can connect and collaborate with industry experts and bring your dream projects to life

  • Using Integration Cloud, you can create a tapestry of all the digital platforms you need to create, release and market your media, without feeling like the process is unsupported

Small Business

Whilst running your own business can feel like juggling or riding a unicycle up a hill – sometimes at the same time! – with Salesforce’s customizable applications, you can stress less and sell more. Take strides to close more deals and improve your pipeline with small-business-specific techniques.

Our Green Flags for Salesforce (Small Businesses)

  • An example of Salesforce's success in Small Business: Loop & Tie is a climate-conscious and revolutionary gifting business that puts the planet first by inviting customers to explore a range of carbon-neutral gifts. Salesforce reports that, with the help of Sales Cloud, Loop & Tie have ‘more than doubled their customer base since 2020’ and have harnessed technology as a means of showcasing their product creators and encouraging their customers to make informed choices about their carbon footprint

  • Salesforce Essentials makes everything concise and simple; from working out your sales technique, to how you market your products/services and even how to nurture meaningful relationships with a loyal customer base – all applied to a small-business model

  • There are endless customization options for every step; and we’ve made sure that you can future-proof your business by helping you develop custom applications for ultimate customer engagement – think efficient self-service portals, smooth and frictionless online shopping experiences, or even virtual try-on features for garments

Automated Actions: your time as a small business owner is golden, and we’re here to help you be productive, without compromising on the chill-out time. Make interactions with your customers special and don’t sweat the small stuff – hand it over to UiPath, your automated experts.


Providing essential services should be both efficient and versatile for the needs of a changing utility landscape, as well as different customer requirements. The impacts of climate change have forever altered the way we think about, market, and provide utilities, and with Salesforce, you’re able to stay ahead of the curve on technology – all the while putting the planet first! Go you!

Our Green Flags for Salesforce (Utilities)

  • An example of Salesforce's success in Utilities: ENGIE is a renewable and low-carbon resource organization which helps to educate customers and provide wallet-friendly solutions to sustainable energy systems. With the help of Salesforce’s Customer 360, ENGIE is able to streamline communication across their worldwide outreach and implement vital customer and environmental data which allows them to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to renewable energy solutions. ENGIE’s executive VP states "25 million customers have evolved in their expectations. Salesforce is helping us globally to address these demands by a faster and real time understanding of their expectations."

  • Optimized for usage on the go; whether you’re on-site or in the office, applications such as Salesforce Field Service are able to help you achieve your tasks wherever you are

  • Community Cloud: if working on a project which involves lots of different stakeholders or utility providers, Salesforce can help you condense industry professionals into one platform of communication such as Slack

  • Einstein AI is here for all your analytics needs – this way your employees’ energy can be applied where it is most needed and you can manage tasks with ease

  • Distinguish yourself from other everyday resource providers with Marketing Cloud – find out the niche in the utility marketplace (like renewable resources) and leverage these to secure a consistent lead-generation community for products that make a difference


Community is at the heart of every charity and nonprofit organization. It’s why Salesforce provides first-class applications to help you find the people and the initiative strategies which will help you change the world.

Our Green Flags for Salesforce (Nonprofit)

  • An example of Salesforce success in nonprofits: Riley Children’s Foundation is able to provide the highest-quality care across the US by implementing key fundraising data (Nonprofit Cloud & CRM Analytics) to drive the best results for their patients and care providers. Samantha Lame-Farley, Manager of Fundraising Analytics, highlighted the transformational power of AI-driven analytics – “what better industry might you need to be more thoughtful with how you use your time, resources, and staff than the nonprofit world?”

  • Salesforce provides a discount on all needed products for nonprofits, under their Power of Us program, which gives you full access to all the applications you need to research, promote, fundraise and grow your campaigns

  • Automated Functions: Salesforce optimizes your work time using applications like Einstein Analytics (powered by AI) so that you can devote more time to affecting change, and less to administrative tasks

  • Community Cloud & Slack are fully customizable, allowing you to communicate across the globe with fundraisers, affiliates, and the world

  • SEO optimization & marketing expertise – with products like Marketing Cloud, we’re able to help you leverage social media trends and search engines to boost your cause to the global community and raise more funds than ever before

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